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The success of Spears Automotive dates back over 4 decades of a family business. As teenagers together racing drag cars on and off the track, building race cars and restoring Model A?s, Mustangs and Thunderbird?s, the foundation of Spears Automotive was built with deep roots in the glory years of automotive renaissance. Gary and Susan Spear have a passion for customer service, friendships and support to the local community. Honoring veterans with discounts, the Spear family maintains a strong commitment to family, friends, and the local community, all while enjoying the beautiful area we live and work in. Our business continues to grow in large thanks to our loyal customers and the most critical aspect of developing a strong business is referrals. We can?t thank you enough for every referral. Please take a moment to read about our team members. We are very proud of each and every one of them.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality service. Here are the people working for you every day to repair your vehicle.

Gary Spear, CEO

  • Co-owner and an expert in all things related to what makes a vehicle work and how to repair it. Gary continues to provide consultation with those crazy gremlin projects and keeps his self busy with Model A cars and the old school classic cars; especially when it comes to Mustangs and Thunderbirds. With a degree in Electrical Engineering, served as Automotive Services Association chairman of the board and an AAM (Accredited Automotive Manager), sage council and guidance is always there. Gary is a member of the Poco Quatros Model A club and has served on numerous automotive associations boards and has been key note speakers at automotive conventions and keeps his finger on the well being of shop operations. Gary is considered an industry expert and he shares his knowledge to all team members generously. Although now in official retirement, Gary maintains a constant presence at our business and keeps active with his special projects. Gary will always be the captain of our ship and has been recently passing on his role as General Manger to his youngest son Chris.

Chris Spear, Owner

  • Chris is the guy who never stops. Chris manages all projects and is very interactive owner. Everyone wants to talk to Chris and he always finds a moment to make the call or bring a customer back into the shop. Chris has been actively attending the Automotive Technical Institute Shop Owners Program and a certified Automotive Services Excellence (ASE). There are many top shelf ingredients that make up the Chris Spear cocktail. Integrity, passion, customer service, a big heart, professional and will go beyond most expectations are just a few of those ingredients. Chris was raised in his father's shop working around cars after school. In his early teens he rebuilt carburetors and transmissions. His mother says she talked to "pairs of feet" during their childhood. Dad and son under a car was a very common occurrence. With over 20 years working on cars and focusing on diesel performance, Chris has a strong reputation throughout the southwest as the go to diesel performance guy. Understanding customer's needs and effective communication to these customers keep their fleet vehicles running and lasting well beyond deprecation. Chris has numerous hobbies that include all things with a motor. If someone put a motor on a Maytag; Chris could drive it and make it run better. A competitive shooter, motorcycle racer and a new home owner in the mountains close to work, his schedule is always full.

Justin Dorwart, Technician

  • Our resident technician who brings his "A game" to work every day and our customers love his technical explanations, Justin keeps the cars moving through the shop. Justin's sound advice and best fit options save our customers hundreds of dollars as well as providing custom performance tailored just for you. Justin initially joined Spear's Auto Center in 2010. No matter what the level of difficulty of the job, with state of the art scanning and diagnosis technology filling his tool cart, we always know Justin will find that problem when others could not. He is an ASE Certified Technician with over 15 years of automotive experience. Justin studied at UTI where he graduated with a Degree in Automotive Technology. Justin enjoyed working at a local Chevrolet Dealership and a foreign car shop, but really wanted to be closer to home in the mountains. Justin is our A rated technician and his mechanical knowledge and common sense approach to problem solving is just outstanding. Justin loves dirt biking in his free time, building classic rides with his father and going to the shooting range with his mother. Justin is also a new home owner and excited to have a home on a mountain side less than 3 miles to work.

Dylon Richardson, Technician

  • Dylan is our newest member at Spears Automotive. Dylan brings a mixed bag of experience to our team and has been wrenching on cars since he was a kid. Dylan earns the 110% award every day and is always willing to work on trailers, change tires, provide preventative maintenance on all vehicles or fix shop equipment. A customer asked Gary "how do you find good technicians?" Gary responded "we don't, we grow our own." Dylan is very coachable and takes on all tasks with enthusiasm. Dylan is proof that a positive work ethic and a willing to learn will allow for a successful career in the automotive industry.

Susan Spear, President

  • Susan is the lady up front and who answers the phone; an expert in all things automotive related. Susan is an incredible mechanic that doesn't own a tool box. Susan maintains control like an air traffic controller when the lot gets full, managing all crises with a sense of humor. Customers reach out to Susan involving far ranging services. Whether purchasing or selling a used car, buying a horse trailer, locating a good plumber or what horse to buy, her depth of contacts and knowledge supported by hundreds of friends that are also customers, know to call Susan first! Spear's success in the automotive industry for over 40 years is largely due to her large efforts. Susan is our most valuable player day after day. Our customers and team members all agree!


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